Spartan Fishing Team Brings "Access to Fishing" to Oak Lawn


This comes from the Spartan Bass Fishing Team at OakLawn High School.  Isn't it great that our kids are getting involved in fishing again?  Show them your support....

 "The Spartan Fishing Team has helped bring the "Access to Fishing" program to the Oak Lawn Public Library.   Access to Fishing is a rod and reel loaner program where community members with an Oak Lawn Public Library Card can visit the library and "check out" a fishing rod just as they would a book.  This offers a unique opportunity for children and adults who are interested in going fishing to do so without having to purchase equipment to try the sport.  When a child or community member checks out a rod and reel, a tackle packet (containing hooks, sinkers, a bobber, etc.) and instructional fishing literature are also available at no cost for users to keep when they borrow a fishing pole.

The program was established in Illinois in 1997 and has since been supported through federal and state grants.  Currently, there are over 160 "Access to Fishing" fishing pole loaner sites in Illinois.    The Spartan Fishing Team will maintain the rods and reels to ensure that they are in great shape for people to enjoy.  Through this program, the team hopes to get more kids in Oak Lawn involved in fishing and the outdoors."

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