A braided line that's like fluorocarbon? Spiderwire has it!


I'm pumped.  With this warm weather our fishing season is getting some extra weeks and that means we can go fishing more.

I just got a spool of Ultracast fluorbraid line and will be spooling up to give it a try before the snow flys. 

Here's a press release on this great line...

The Braid That Sinks Like Fluorocarbon

It may just be rocket science as SpiderWire® has combined high-density fluoropolymer strands with the highest grade of The World's Strongest Fiber™, Dyneema®. The result is new UltraCast® FluoroBraid with a unique property; it is similar in density to fluorocarbon lines, allowing the braid to sink. Now anglers can get a more direct line to the lure for improved sensitivity, instead of the arch created by braids that float.
In addition FluoroBraid handles heat well, is flex tolerant, has increased tensile strength and provides a quiet delivery through the guides. The line is color wear resistant and UV resistant.

UltraCast FluoroBraid, with the Dyneema influence, offers enhanced strength and sensitivity with advanced abrasion resistance when compared to ordinary fluorocarbon.

Anglers continuously evolve with improved techniques that require modified baits and tackle. Line is no different.

Often a sinking line is needed for proper bait presentation yet braid floats. But other lines that do sink are perhaps too stiff, too stretchy or too buoyant to match the angler's needs.

The advantages of UltraCast FluoroBraid solves these issues to the advantage of the angler. "UltraCast FluoroBraid is ideal for spinning and baitcasting equipment in both freshwater and saltwater situations," said Chris Derrick,

SpiderWire Brand Manager. "This new line is a performance booster for serious anglers when the bait needs to sink faster. Bass anglers will use this to drop shot finesse baits like PowerBait® Crazy Legs Chigger Craws, Texas rigging a Power® Worm or pitching a Heavy Weight™ Sinkworm. Inshore anglers will use it with small jig heads and a Gulp!® Shrimp in sand flats for trout and redfish or when dropping a PowerBait grub down to a wreck or reef for groupers."
Moss Green UltraCast FluoroBraid is available in pound tests/monofilament equivalent diameter of 10/2, 15/4, 20/6, 30/8, 40/10, 50/12, 65/14, 80/15 and 100/20. Anglers can choose from spool sizes of the 125-yard filler spool, 300-yard filler spool or 1500-yard bulk spool. MSRP for UltraCast FluoroBraid is $19.95 to $225.00, depending on test and spool size.

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