2 out of 3 is Great

My daughter Lisa is a member of the German Shorthaired Club of Illinois and owns two shorthairs, Gambol and Wager.  Gambie is retired at 15.  But Wager is going strong wining a lot of ribbons for obedience, agility, and confirmation.

Now Lisa is working with Wager on Hunt Tests.  He's in the first leg, Junion Hunt Tests.  This past weekend he competed for the first time with time in the field looking for quail on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Well on the first two days he found the birds.   He did a great job and got two Orange Ribbons.  Sunday, was a different story.  They hunted a new field.  The weeds were very high and thick.  It was hot and dry.  Needless to say, it was difficult for all the dogs to find birds.

I got out there Monday for a little while and took some photos of a few dogs.  I could not get into the field while the dogs were working, but with a telephoto lense on the camera, I did get a few  glimpses of Lisa out there.

Hope you like the photos. 


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