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I love visiting the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  As a matter of fact, I just returend from the Boulder Juntion area.  It was a short trip, but very enoyable.

Life is a little different up north.  It's not as hectic as we have here in the City. 

Seeing the monthly newsletter from for Forest Lake Country Store is something that I look forward to at the beginning of every month.  It allows me to sit back and learn about what's happening in the Land O Lakes and Cisco Chain area in Vilas County.  It takes me away from the hustle and bustle of the City and reminds me of why I enjoy the fishing and being outdoors in the Northwoods. 

Take a couple minutes and enjoy this month's Newsletter from the Forest Lake Country Store...

What is new in the north woods?  Rain.  In a word.  We are finally getting some meaningful precipitation.  Both local residents and weekend warriors are reporting that many lakes are up 4-5 inches since ice out in April.  It took 7 or 8 years for the lakes to get so low.  It may take a few years to bring them back.  For now the water levels seem to have reversed and the lakes are gaining some water.  Bow your heads and pray for more.

Despite the chances of precipitation this summer, it seems more people are coming up and using family cabins.  Maybe it is extended family swapping weekends at the family cabin, sometimes a couple generations simultaneously filling a cabin.  Water skiing or knee-boarding, fishing, or hiking on a quiet road or trail.  Canoeing and kayaking, planting new flowers around the cabin or watching birds on the feeders.  Many evenings are spent around a fire ring.  Activities are endless and families are here having a great time before schools re-open or the seasons start to reverse.

This last week my (Mark) birthday was announced to the world by our daughter Stephanie.  It made for an interesting day at the store.  Phone calls, emails and people stopping by the store to give birthday greetings.  It was overwhelming.  We were both flattered by the attention.  More so, it reinforced that one of the north woods activities is the Country Store.  So many people have made our small store a part of their north woods experience.  We have made friends and extended our family.  Thanks to everyone that stopped or called.  Dropped off a card or sang a verse of happy birthday.  It not only marked a birthday.  It makes our job a little easier knowing the effort is appreciated by so many people.  Thanks.

New in the Store

After 4 years of Taco Tuesdays we find that we need to discontinue the event.  We started with the Taco Bar approach but were forced to change.  We do not have a refrigerated bar with the requisite sneeze guard, shoot,,, we do not have room for it even if we did have one.  Since May of this year we have tried to make the tacos in the kitchen.  Regrettably we have found, after many weeks of trying, we cannot make tacos and our full menu on Tuesdays.  If we cannot do a good job of both something needs to give.  Therefore we are forced to discontinue the weekly special.

From Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream they are mixing up the selection of pints.  We have received some Espresso Oreo in pints this week.  Look for it in our green Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream freezer.

From Spirit Valley, we have added a Mango Salsa.  This gives us TEN different salsa choices!  Find your next new favorite salsa here!

Here is a surprising addition.  It was new early this year, not in the last couple weeks, but the sales have been outstanding.  It is Lucina Spaghetti sauces, imported from Italy.  We were having a hard time keeping it in stock, but have a great inventory now.  There are three choices; Sicilian olive with wild capers, Robust tomato with Gorgonzola, and Tuscan marinara with roasted garlic. 

We also have two choices of gluten free pastas; a fettuccine and a spaghetti noodle.  If you are on a gluten restricted diet these are a couple great options to enjoy Italian cuisine!

For a monthly wine special we are offering Red Diamond wines.  These are Washington State wines made with a distinction of quality at affordable prices.  We have the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.  The regular shelf price is $8.99.  Bring in a copy of your newsletter and you will receive a $7.99 insider customer price! 

Our beer maker of the month is Sprecher Brewing.  For about two years we have tries to stock every variety of Sprecher Beer.  The seasonal beers come and go, but we generally have between 10 and 13 different Sprecher beers on hand.  They are celebrating 25 years of craft brewing. The first of two anniversary beers is Belgian Dubbel.  Here is a description of the beer from Anne Sprecher at Sprecher brewing: 

Sprecher's Belgian Dubbel is very true to style.  We spared no expense, making sure we used the finest imported malts and Belgian candi sugar.  Deep copper, this medium-bodied ale starts with banana on the nose that diffuses into soft caramel, toffee and roasted malty flavors balanced by a bit of spice and burnt sugar. Low-medium carbonation. Pairs well with food. Try with grilled strawberries or grilled peaches.

We will have some in the store soon!  Check the cooler for your first taste!  Check further in the letter for information regarding Jeff Hamilton, Sprecher president, at the Country Store, presenting all of their fine beers.

Events in the Store

July 31st  11 AM - 2 PM  Dog Wash by Furbulous

Yup you read that correctly!  This is a great product brought to you by great people.  They are coming from California to the Forest Lake Country Store to show you how this certified organic products works on your dog!  We talked about this product before,,, it is made from 100% organic and essential oils.  There are no phosphates or sulfates which means you can wash your dog in the lake with no ill effect for the lake.  It gives the dog an incredible sheen on their coat, and is help for dogs that have sensitive skin.  Bring your dog for a bath at the Country Store!

This is a free event but donations for the food pantry are being accepted.  You can bring some canned or dry goods, or make a cash contribution to the food pantry at the Dog Wash!  Even if you do not have a dog, it should be something to watch as the people bring all their animals in for a cleaning.

August 14th South American Wines with Palm Bay  5 - 8 PM

Ted Cuneen from Palm Bay Imports will be on hand to review many of their South American wines.  A couple key brands of Chilean wines will be available for tasting including MontGras, Antu and more.  Get in on the rage of all the great South American wines and learn from an expert tonight!  There will be tastings and cheese and crackers available.  Music is by the Pat Crawford Jazz Quintet.  Cost is $10 individual or $15 for a couple for advance tickets purchased by August 10th.  $15 individual after August 10th.

August 21st Sprecher Beer Night at the Country Store

Jeff Hamilton, Sprecher Brewing president, one of the favorite speakers at the Country Store, will be here to offer tastes of the incredible beers produced in their Glendale WI brewery.  2010 is the 25th anniversary of Sprecher.  We hope to have tastes of a new beer celebrating the milestone!  Snacks will be available, and food off our menu.  Blues music by Big Road.  Cost is $10 individual or $15 for a couple for advance tickets purchased by August 15th.  $15 individual after August 15th. 

Events in the North Woods

Here is some important information Sally Schlack, from the Historical Society, asked us to share:

Open House

On Thursday, August 5, visit the workroom of the Historical Society.  From 1 to 5 p.m. our volunteers will show you how they process donations and store them for future use.  They will be available to answer questions about preservation and archival storage.  The workroom is located in the basement of the Land O' Lakes Town Hall.  If you have any questions, please call Janet Geronime at (906) 358-4625.

Recurring Events

Here are a couple great events presented by Mery Krause:

We starting two events downtown Land O Lakes this summer.  The first is a DIABETIC CLUB that will meet on Tues. morning @ 9 - 10 a.m., each week in the lower level of the library.  Pre Diabetics are welcome to attend, too, or family members who are taking care of a Diabetic family member. The first meeting will be on Tuesday July 13th.  

There is also an OPEN MIKE NITE in the Farmer's Market lot downtown LOL on Friday nights from 7-9.  We are building a stage for this event on the 9th of July and the first Open Mike Nite will take place on Friday, July 16th.  This will continue every Friday night from the 16th thru the end of Sept. weather permitting.   Anyone who would like to share a musical talent, or a comedy act, or a poem they have written, can perform in front of a very friendly audience, made up of anyone who wants to come and listen.  People need to bring their own chairs to sit on, and children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult.  We hope this brings some life to downtown LOL.  This event is sponsored by the LOL Chamber of Commerce.  Come one, come all and enjoy an evening outside with free entertainment.  Special thanks to Forslund Building Center for a generous donation of materials for the stage!

Wednesday Night Family Bingo at St. Albert's Church opening night June 16

Family bingo is a weekly tradition in Land O' Lakes.  Doors open at 6:30 PM, BINGO calling starts at 7 PM.  There is a $15 charge for 15 games; 12 with a $25 payoff and 3 with a $50 payoff.  Refreshments and snacks are available. 

Farmers Market  Downtown Land O' Lakes Opening Day is June 17

Every Thursday is the morning to head down to the old lumberyard for your fresh produce and more.  The market is open at 9 AM until 12 PM every Thursday thru the summer.  Fresh produce, crafts, and more are in town every week.  This year there are three special Saturday events; July 3, July 24, and Aug 7th. 

Boulder Junction is hosting Music on Main Street every Thursday starting July 1st.  Bands like Bret and Frisk, Big Road, JazzWorks, Hip Pocket and more.  Contact their Chamber for more information about these evening music events, and other fishing celebrity events. 

Here is something from Miller Coors in the north woods.  They are giving back a great portion of their profits to the communities that generate the sales:

MillerCoors, together with their distributors, have a huge impact on the quality of life in Wisconsin.  They have begun communicating is information thru an initiative called: "Every Beer Pours Back." Below are some key facts:"

·        They employ over 3,000 employees, with a payroll of over $175 million.  These salaries generate a ripple effect, creating additional economic opportunities for local companies.

·        They purchase nearly $700 million in goods and services from 1,600 local Wisconsin companies.  Employees from these companies and their families support the local economy and maintain the investment cycle.

·        MillerCoors, their distributors and their employees support numerous organizations across Wisconsin , making charitable contributions of both time and money. 

·        Through their designated driver programs, free ride and safe ride home initiatives,100,000 people throughout the year travel home safely. 

There is much more to being a leading brewer than just making great beer.  In Wisconsin , MillerCoors and their distributors have a number of programs that focus on sustainability.

·        The Milwaukee brewery installed the first green roof in the MillerCoors system.  The roof absorbs rainwater and helps reduce storm water runoff. 

·        In 2009, MillerCoors reduced energy consumption by 3.7% and reduced the total amount of packaging materials used by more than 11 million pounds.

·        More than 99% of the brewery waste is recycled or reused, maintaining our environment.

Corporate responsibility comes in many forms.  MillerCoors is demonstrating that success is paramount to understanding the value of community, and investing in Wisconsin 's future.

Julie Zelten from the Land O' Lakes Library gives us the following: *Wednesday, August 4th at 10:00 a.m.* Magic Mama Eco-Music  Through Organic Hip Hop & World Beats, she inspires creative thinking and Earth-friendly actions.  The Library and Conserve School invite you to come, listen and laugh!

*Wednesday, August 11th at 10:00 a.m.*  Splash-Fest Finale!  Get wet and wild in the north woods!  Let's celebrate our love of water and all that's wet.  End-of-Summer prizes will be given out today! 

*Friday, August 13th at 1:00p.m.* Movie afternoon at the Library  We will be showing  "Invictus" Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa's underdog rugby team as they make an unlikely run to the 1995 World Cup Championship match.  Popcorn, coffee and movie are free of charge.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

People around Land O' Lakes

August 2nd Janet Zabel has a birthday celebration.

August 4th Cora Claypool celebrates her birthday

August 8th is shared birthday for Bill Boscamp and Mark Molinaro. 

August 11th is the birthday for Sue Keintz and also the anniversary for Myrtle and Rod Sharka!

August 13th marks the b-day for Mariah Miller, daughter of Bret and Frisk!

August 17th is the birthday for Carl Hoffman

August 19th Cindy Pekrul celebrates her birthday

August 25th marks Nancy Tellier's birthday

August 26th Bill Heinig turns 60 or so

August 28th is a shared birthday for Pam Boscamp and Kathy Floriano

Kris and Mark Gostisha and girls

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