Kankakee River Report

Ed Mullady has been the publisher of the Sportsman's Letter for over 50 years.  Ed is like the Godfather of the Kankakee River.   He helps me with my weekly fishing reports for the Chicago Tribune. 

Ed just sent me a fishing report for this 4th of July holiday weekend.  Check it out.

Hi!  Kankakee River is now at a good level (watch out for predicted rains!) and fishing is good to very good in both Indiana and Illinois. Fishing around in water and shoreline weedbeds is producing a real variety of fish.  Try at any in-water log, creek and bayou mouth. Best Regards, Ed Mullady

FYI, the weekend weather forcast calls for some rain late Sunday and into Monday.  Chances are 20% for Sunday evening and only 40% for Monday as of this post.  This means we have a 60 to 80 % chance of no rain.  Let's go fishing...

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