It's okay to eat some fish - New fillet knife makes it easy

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Berkley's TEC Turboglide Li Fillet Knife

It is okay to take some fish home to eat.  Catch and release is a good thing, but I have faith in our DNR Fisheries when they say it's okay to take 1 of these or 10 of those, as long as I'll clean them up for the dinner table, I'm okay with all that.

Berkley came up with a great filleting knife that makes fish cleaning easy.

It's the TEC Turboglide Li cordless fillet kinfe.

Here is what they say about it...

Whether it's slicing the holiday ham or filleting fish for next summer's cookout, nothing makes an ideal gift for an outdoor enthusiast like the Berkley TEC Turboglide Lithium-Ion Cordless Fillet knife ( This cordless fillet knife features an industry first, Lithium-ion battery pack that charges in half the time of competitive cordless fillet knives while weighing 40 percent less. Advanced engineering prevents accidental blade release; directs heat away from hands and dampens vibration.

One way to eliminate waste while cleaning fish is to have a good fillet knife.   I have one and it has to be the best one I've ever used.

This knife comes in a nice cast with a hard plastic, folding instruction sheet that also can be used as a cutting board. It tucks easily in the webbed pocket.  What's really nice about it and what makes it so easy for cleaning is that it comes with a rechargable battery, no wires, just plug in the blades and get smooth clean cuts.  Skinning the fish is as easy and cutting the fillet.  And when Berkley mentions cutting the holiday ham, they're not kidding.   Try this knife for cutting the Thanksgiving turkey too.  It's a Great knife. 

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