Morels are up

nate shrooms.JPG

Nate with some nice morels.

Morel mushrooms are probably the most wanted schrooms hunted for by sportsmen and women across the midwest.  

Dan Stefanich got out to a Chicagoland location and got a few.   Where?  As we say in Chicago, "Fagedabadit".   No one shares morel spots. I don't think that it's fair, do you?

Anyhow, here is the email that Dan sent over along with a couple photos.

Hi Don- we finally scored on some mushrooms (after plenty of hunting).   Although last weekend would have been the best time to get out, my son Nathan and I found a nice bagful Tuesday afternoon along the edge of a cattail swamp. A good rule of thumb for morel hunting- when the lilacs start blooming, so do the morels. I'll try to save a


Morel Mushrooms

bag for you!

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