Moonshine bassin


Ron DaRosa from Carbondale gets out to do a lot of night fishing.  Being a good ole boy from southern Illinois, he also loves to do some moonshining I guess.   Here's his latest report from Cedar Lake.   I wonder though, why is he squinting?

Went back to Cedar to enjoy a little moonshine spinnerbaitin'. Had a good nite got 24 bass and 3 of them were 18 inches or a bit bigger.

Water temp in low 80's.

Starting to see some trucks in the parking lots.  I guess the 2 months of being the only one at the ramp after dark are about over but what a great 2 months!

Did throw a worm briefly but to no avail. Got a neat report from a friend who likes to fish shaky head jig worms, he caught 17 bass after dark on 6lb test ! He said his best 5 were about 18 lbs, that had to be a blast.  RD


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  • Spinnerbaits have always been my go-to lure for night fishing. Throw them around pier lights and you can watch the bass hit them. It's very exciting.

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