BERKLEY now has 4 3/4 Inch Slim Shaky Worms PowerBait

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Berkley has come out with a new shaky worm.  When I was in southern Illinois fishing Rend and Lake of Egypt, a lot of bass were caught using shaky head jigs and worms.   This new bait that just came out being 4 3/4 inchs long is just the right size for a 3/16 and 1/4 ounce skaky head jig. 

I fished the baits around the weed edges and even in the weeds.  There is a lot of hydrilla down there and as you know, it's like rope.  To get in to the hydrilla, I'd use a heavier jig and punch through the matt.  The hook had to be buried in the worm.  These baits worked great and as you see here, they can catch some might nice bass.

My favorite color.... Blue Fleck.

Here is the press info that came out recently on the new Slim Shaky Worms....

Finesse Fishing At Its Best
It doesn't matter if you are fishing in a tournament or trying to out fish your buddy, when fishing gets tough anglers reach for finesse tackle. PowerBait® 4 3/4 Slim Shaky Worms will entice more bites, giving you the winning edge when it counts most. 

"Many of the lakes that BASS Elites fish are pounded by local traffic," said Boyd Duckett, Berkley® Pro Team Member. "Finesse fishing has become a go-to method to coax pressured fish to strike. PowerBait 4 3/4 Slim Shaky Worms are perfect for these types of situations. It is easy to rig it on a light jig or fine wire hooks."

Tying on a drop-shot rig is one of the most preferred ways to fish the Slim Shaky Worm. With a drop-shot weight, size of weight depends on current, rig the Slim Shaky worm to desired depth. To fish the drop shot throw out and slowly drag along the bottom.

Another popular technique for the Slim Shaky worm is the shaky head. Rig up the Slim Shaky on a light shaky head jig, cast out around cover and bounce and drag back to your location.

A uniquely designed tail creates slightly more vibration during "the shake", attracting more fish. Baits are packaged with PowerBait scent and flavor, which fish bite and won't let go.

With exclusive PowerBait scent and flavor, fish hold on 18 times longer for more positive hook sets. Slim Shaky Worms are available in eight different pro-selected colors, Baby Bass, Blue Fleck, Green Pumpkin, Purple, Pumpkinseed, Watermelon, Watermelon Big Red and Watermelon Candy.

Tough fishing conditions are no match for the Slim Shaky Worm that combines life-like swimming action and irresistible scent.

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