A Lake Geneva fishing report w/ photo


I recevied this email from Marques Green who works in the fishing tackle department at the Bolingbrook Bass Pro Shop.  He shares with us a Lake Geneva report and photo.

Thank you to all for sending in reports and photos.  If you want to share your experiences outdoors with the visitors of this blog, send them to me at iloutdoors@comcast.net.

I was on Lake Geneva Sunday and the smallmouth are on the beds spawning ( it's sight fishing time !) Most of the good small mouth bed are in 12- 15ft around points are old sailboat flotillas ! It's an early morning bite you need to be on your best spots before boat traffic picks up by midday ! 4 " finesse worms and sinkos ( watermelon seed ) have worked the best ! Drop shotting with a short 4-6" lead also is effective !Boat traffic will stir up the water and unless you have GPS the spot and have land references to use you can't see the beds !

Large mouth are still prespawn in most areas ! Abby Marina has few male cruising around but most fish are not locked down on bed yet !

Tight Lines!!!

Marques Green

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