Is it a Pure or Tiger muskie?

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Pure or Tiger Muskie?

Went fishing over the weekend to the Vermilion River.  Got some nice white bass.  I'll plug photos in the slide show for you to few. 

I also got one fish that what was apparently a muskie.  It is definatley not a northern pike.  For a quick release, I just used my camera phone to take the photo.  I will apologize now, it's not a great photo.  I didn't get the fish's head in the photo.  But the markings on the fish are crisp and clear.

I was not sure if this is a Pure or Tiger (hybrid) muskie.

I sent the photos to a lot of avid muskie anglers and to some DNR fisheries biologists.  Check out the photos and give me your opinions.

Take a look at what some others have said.


Ray T, Illinois Muskie Alliance wrote...

Don, Attached is a MI  poster which may help. Were there any other distinguishing marks?
Baused on the Caudal fin, it looks like a hybrid. Color/stripes vary greatly. There are a number of private impoundments where tigers can escape and feed the Illinois. Maybe one of the IDNR guys can help.    CLICK HERE
Bob S. wrote...

The gill plate has a difference but it is a Tiger musky what did you catch it on and where and when?

Al Stevens, Minnesota DNR wrote....

Hi Mr. Dziedzina, The fish clearly is a tiger muskie.  Typically in Minnesota we cross muskie females with northern males, but offspring of the reverse sometimes look like the pictures you submitted, whose parentage looks like a muskie male/northern pike female.    Of course, the appearance of the fish in question would all depend on the source of the parental stock.  Does Illinois produce tiger muskies or get them from another state?  Al Stevens, Minnesota DNR

Tony P wrote...

looks like a gar !!!!!

Todd M wrote....

It does have rounded fins but illinois does not stock hybrids and have not since 97. Unless a private lake stocks them and they can get into the river, that would be the only possibility, actually the only possibility for any musky to get into the river.

Chad Cain wrote...

How long was it?  Looks more like a pickerel to me.   If not, then it was a tiger. 


Well  so far quite a few people shared their thoughts.  How about you? 



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