IHSA Bass Fishing Sectionals

IHSA Bass Fishing Sectional winners at Tampier Lake

I helped out at the IHSA Bass Fishing Sectional at Tampier Lake on Friday.

It as great to see all of the young anglers fishing their hearts out to get a place in the Championship at Carlyle Lake Mary 8 and 9,

Who would think that bass fishing would be an activity in High School?  I've heard that some kids had changed their minds about dropping out just so they can get on the team.  Fishing is good, and we need to get the kids outdoors.  This works.

At Tampier, Top Teams were Hinsdale Central, Westmont, Lemont and Stagg.  Out of 18 teams that fished, these were the top four.  Top 3 teams will go to the finals.  Should one not attend, Stagg can move up and compete at Carlyle.  Big fish was caught by by the Westmont team.  It was a 4 pound largemouth.   The biggest fish of the day didn't count.  A 10 pound, 30 inch walleye was brought to the boat by Stagg HS.

As of Saturday morning the results for all the schools are not yet on the web at www.IHSA.org.  I'll let you know when they are.   But in the mean time, here are some photos from the sectional at Tampier.



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  • My Deerfield Team just made it down state but unfortunately we don't have a boat. If anyone thinks they could help that would be great. We would pay for food, gas, and lodging for the three nights. We are in dire straits and are scheduled to leave a week from today. If anyone could give us a hand it would be much appreciated. Leave a comment if you can

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