Big Indiana Muskie

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44 incher caught by Nick Miuccio on an SS Shad

Bob Schulz sent me a photo of a nice muskie that came from North Central Indiana waters.  I have to share this photo so the avid muskie hunters out there can see what's been caught this spring.

This is what Schulz told me...

My brother in law caught his first musky ever with me last week with me a 44 incher...I will send you a picture when I get home sweet fish and fat...

Everyone one who came up caught a fish and two people never caught a fish in there life so it was good and fun I will send you a picture of Nicks fish maybe you can get it on your website....

Here you go 44 incher caught by Nick Miuccio on an SS Shad.

If you have a photo of that trophy fish that you caught and would like to share it with the visitors to ChicagoNow, send it to me at and give me a little story about where you caught it and what you caught it on.   Let this blog be part of you Bragging Board.




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