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Gene Sowinski was a guest on my TV Show last year.   The radio show that I do with Jim DaRosa and Ray LudkevicZ hosts aa trip to Mille Lacs, Minnesota.

We ran a contest last year where the winners would be guests on the show.  Gene and his partner Casey Orlowski (aka Ski) enjoyed a day on the water with us.  Today, Gene send over a couple of emails with some photos.  You might find them interesting.

Hello Don ,

Hey just dropping you a line on Jacksonville.

It was a a tough bite with the cold front that came through Friday but the best fish of the trip Saturday mid afternoon on a chrome and white Chatterbait.  A 5.2 oz bass the next day 2.8 oz on a watermelon Texas rig worm.

Also through the weekend Ski (Casey Orlowski) and I caught crappies all within 5 to 8 inches and lots of small bass. 

Not a bad trip considering the cold front.



E-mail # 2....

hey just like to drop a story on you.

My son Karl, brother in-law Gary, and i were fishing up in Canada on moose lake (otherwise know as Joe's Lake) out of Kenora through Walstons Lodge.

Just the luck of a young man going into the Navy on a fishing trip.  This happen twice.  The fist time only caught the walleye the second time caught both on 1 hook and landed them.See pic

Walleye 17 inches, Northern 33 inches.   What a great catch.   


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