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Catching smallmouth bass Wacky Worm style

Wacky worm?  Ah, it’s nothing new.  But it ‘s a technique that ‘s not that old either. Here in a segment from an Illinois Outdoors TV show, I get a pretty nice smallie wacky worm style.   This is where a plastic worm is hook in the middle of the body.  When it’s cast into the... Read more »

Illinois Outdoors TV on ChicagoNow

In April of this year, Illinois Outdoors TV will be celebrating its 15th year of being broadcast in the Chicagoland area. The show started when Time Warner Cable came to town.  Today Illinois Outdoors is broadcast on a number of cable companies and can be seen in all of Chicago, most all of northern and central... Read more »

What can a dog fish do to your spinnerbait?

Check this out. I went fishing with Jim DaRosa on Shakobee Lake near MilleLacs Minnesota last summer. Jim caught a dog fish on a spinnerbait. We were throwing War Eagle spinnerbaits. They are really a quality bait that can take a lot of abuse, but… when you tangle with a dog fish, I think it... Read more »

Walleye Club talks about Asian carp tonight

Tom Cooney from Walleyes Chicago is going to give a presentation on the current status of the Asian Carp problems in Illinois at thje Walleyes Chicago fishing club meeting at the Bass Pro Shops stroe in Bolingbrook.  The meeting will be held from 7 to 9 PM Thursday, February 18. Tom has spent a great... Read more »

Photos, it's getting close to that time of year

I enjoy getting photos.  Having been an outdoor writer for many years with articles in weekly newspapers and monthly outdoor magazines, I’ve literally received hundreds of them. Now with my position with the Chicago Tribune as their weekly outdoor columnsist, I’m hoping to get some photos of your prize catch.  It’s getting close to that... Read more »

IL DNR Director Marc Miller has crowd pleasing seminar at Fishing Show

Illinois Department of Natural Resouces Director Marc Miller attended the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoor  Show on Sunday, February 13. Director Miller gave a seminar on Fishing Lakes in State Parks. As was expected, Director Miller was flooded with questions. I was there for part of his presentation.  I would have loved to sit in... Read more »

Garrett Palmer wins the Outdoor Kid of the Year Award

Garrett Palmer was the winner of the Tinley Park Fishing Show OUTDOOR KID OF THE YEAR competition.  He did a great job as did all of the qualifyers. The qualifying outdoors boys and girls were Nicole Bartlette, Hailey Bulanda, Tommy Doyle, Natalie Glab, Kaitlyn Grzymen, Jacob Hill, Garrett Palmer, and Ryan Stechley.  All of the... Read more »

Big Payoff and Big Benefits for Illinois Sportsmen and Parks

The Illinois Conservation Foundation and the Friends of Illinois Parks are teaming up to offer the first-ever “Illinois Sportsman’s and Parks Raffle” with a $100,000 first-place prize. Tickets for the raffle are $100 each and are available from both organizations.  The grand prize of $100,000 – along with other cash prizes – will be presented... Read more »

Ice derby this weekend at Hermann's

Wayne Krcmar  owner of Hermann’s Lowlife Bar & Grill provides me with some good fishing reports for my column in the Chicago Tribune (Tuesdays).  Just recently he sent over some information about an ice fishing derby that he will have this coming weekend. You won’t be able to buy that new SUV with the winnings... Read more »

Outdoor Show excitement alive and well

This weekend is the celebration of the 17th year for the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoor Show.  It’s so good to see that the outdoor show excitement is alive and well.  On Saturday, the crowds were fantastic.  This show has grown to partially filling one gymnasium to an over flowing number of exhibitors filling three... Read more »