Outdoor Show excitement alive and well

This weekend is the celebration of the 17th year for the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoor Show. 

It's so good to see that the outdoor show excitement is alive and well. 

On Saturday, the crowds were fantastic.  This show has grown to partially filling one gymnasium to an over flowing number of exhibitors filling three gymnasiums, a huge cafeteria dining area, classrooms and hall spaces.  The show now has over 100,000 square feet of space being used.

Talk about interest; the show's website, TinleyParkFishingShow.com has had nearly 165,000 hits in lest than two weeks.  Last month the site had almost 115,000 hits.  People are interested and excited.

But the show season excitement goes even further.

The new Rosemont Show, the one with the new name, new owner and new layout design has been getting a lot of buzz as well.

The America's Outdoor Show did well to bring back the Chicagoland Outdoors Show as we all remember it when promoter Keith Ogulnick had the show.  The show really went down hill with the past two owners but Jim Sugarman from California has worked hard to build the excitement in Chicago and he did a good job to get that ball rolling.

People also talked about the Chicago Muskie Show.  It suposedly had record attendance too.

No one will argue that the outdoors industry is hurting.  But with family oriented events at the outdoor shows is bringing some spark into the shows that is drawing people.

We need to remember that we have to get kids involved.  Get them away from the video games and out of the house.

The Tinley Park Fishing Show is open today Sunday, Feb 14 from 9 am to 5 pm.  Seminars will be held on crappie, catfish, walleyes and stripers.  Live animal demonstrations will be held on the main stage on dog agility and obedience, birds of prey and reptiles.

The show is rapping up the Tinley Park Fishing Show Outdoor Kid of the Year competition in the afternoon, so join in on cheering them on.


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