More on the Asian carp issue

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Bighead Carp, with a mouth this big filtering all the zooplankton and micro organisms in its path, you can see how the fry from gamefish would be wiped out in a matter of time.

Last week I attended the Walleye Chicago fishing club meeting.  The discussion was to be on the Asian Carp issue. 

I learned that a member from the IL DNR was supposed to attend this meeting to give a talk about this issue but unfortunatley could not attend.

One of the members, Tom Cooney has been following this issue for some time and showed a multi page report that was written by Philip Willink, Ph.D., The Field Museum / Fish Division.

Cooney noted that the report can be seen online and here is the link.

This is an interesting issue that's for sure.  Everyone is wondering if this or that will work to keep the carp from reaching Lake Michigan. 

Economic issues are at great stake too.  If they feel that the closing down of the locks at the Chicago and Calumet Rivers is the answer, what would that do to the shipping industry?  What would the people do with their huge boats that are in dry dock along the river downstream from the locks?   Many people could not afford to have their boat trailered by a big semi to the Chicago harbors.

I wouldn't even want to guess how much it could hurt the fishing and boating industry if the locks were closed. 

Who really knows what would happen if they went full force with a poisoning program? 

Electroshocking and netting?  I've personally worked along side the Cook County Forest Preserve Distrcit Fisheries on netting and electroshocking programs with their studies in the FPD lakes.  I am personally convinced that electroshocking will not bring up each and every carp in the shock boats path.  It's too easy for the fish to escape.

Netting is the same thing.  You may catch some but probably not all.

I really don't know what the answer is and there is no way that I'd play an armchair quarterback on this one.

I have to say this though.  There are a lot of well educated people working on this and since it's in their area of expertise, let's hope that they come up with a workable solution that rectify this situaton before it's too late.

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