Have you ever caught an Asian Carp?

I've caugt a few Asian Carp in my day.  All of them came from the Illinois River.

When someone says "caught" and Asian Carp in the same sentence, people get the wrong idea.

Asian Carp really don't bite lures or baits.  Basically they just get snagged by anglers.  These are filter feeders.  The simplest way to explain it is that these carp actually swim with their mouths open and feed on the micro organisms and zoo plankton in the water.

These fish get big, to the area of 50 pounds, and you can only imagine how much water they can filter in a day. 

I've taken these guys down river from Starved Rock, just below the dam at Starved Rock by Plum Island, and down river from where the Fox River spills into the Illinois.

I even did a TV show with the Illinois Natural History Survey on the Illinois River below the dam in Peoria.  You should have seen the silvers jumping.  If you'd like to see that show, visit IllinoisOutdoorsTV.com and go to the TV SHOW link and scroll down to find Illinois River Asian Carp.  There you can watch the show on the web.

I am interested in knowing though, if anyone actually caught an asian carp, bighead or silver east of Romeoville where the electronic barrier is located.  If you have a photo, please send it to iloutdoors@comcast.net.

 This food source for the carp is also the food source for fry and very small baitfish.  This is why there is so much concern about getting theys fish under control.  They can literally deplete the food for hatching fish and forage that sustains the larger gamefish.

So with these fish swimming around with their mouths open, there is a chance that a lure or bait can be sucked into their mouths.  Let's call them a living vaccum.


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