BIG carp bowfishing contest

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Here is some information I received from Ed DeVries, President of the Bowfishing Association of Illinois.  If you are interested in joining a club like this or would just like to give bowfishing a try, visit the BAI website at

We are about to start our yearly Big Fish/Species contest. This is a very popular year long contest where all your fish from any trip you take can be entered. Ill include a copy of the rules PDF, (its in the process of being changed so ignore the red lined parts.)

But in a nut shell, the contest is open to all BAI members.

 Points are awarded for the number of species harvested and the top 3 fish of each species. A photo of the fish must be turned in with a ruler, yard stick or tape measure next to it. The size must be clearly visable. Send the pics to me or enter them at in the bowfishing section. Tournament director Ed Hoffman runs this contest and does a great job updating it frequently. We will update it monthly in Midwest Outdoors and in our E-Newsletter. At the end of the contest we will give all participants 1st-5th a certificate, and all who won a biggest fish division will also get an award.

New this year for the contest will be prizes! At the end of the contest you will have accumulated points. One chance for each of your points will be placed in a box for a prize drawing at the end of the contest.  So everyone has a good chance at winning one of the many prizes, the more fish you enter the more chances to win.

This contest is alot of fun. You must sign up before entering a fish. So, please reply to this email with your name and names of other members you know who want to take part. Your pics will be posted on the forum, in the BAI facebook page and as many as possible in the Midwest Outdoors BAI club column.

So....who`s in? BTW...this contest is 100% free for BAI members!!


After the bad weather for last years Youth Championship, we have decided to move it to June this year

Should be right in the middle of a huge carp spawn! We are also VERY pleased to announce that after a phone conversation with Dave White, owner of Cajun Archery, Cajun Archery has signed on to be the shoots sponsor and will be sending stuff for the kids who participate. And as the BAI has 5 Cajun Pro Staffers in our membership, Cajun will be well represented.

Cajun Pro Staffers and BAI southern chapter President and VP Sharon & Jerry Trame will be here handling the shore shooting division. The Youth Championship will be 100% free for all, and a certificate of accomplishment will be given to all kids who attend along with certificates for all big fish catagories and division winners. A hot dog BBQ will also follow the event. 

Let us know asap if you are interested in competing!

Ed DeVries
Pres. BAI

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