A good day on the ice

On Sunday, over 20 guys (and one gal) came out to spend a day on the ice catching fish.

We went to Shadow Lakes, a private body of water in the Braidwood area. 

Fish caught were crappie, bluegill, trout, perch and bass.  It wasn't one of those days were the fish were jumping out of the holes, but plenty of fish were caught.

I don't think that anyone really cared if they caught fish or not, or if they were big or small.  The point of it all was that we got to spend some time on the ice together, talk, tell stories, and learn a little more about ice fishing from one another.

I'd like to thank Mike for his help in putting this good day on the ice together. 

We'll have to do this agian on soft water real soon.

Take a look at the photo album.


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  • What a great time out on the ice! Like you said the fishing was not hot and heavy, but we managed. Thanks again!

  • Cory, you were doing pretty good on getting the gills. In case you didn't notice, it didn't take long for a lot of guys, including me, to work their way closer and closer to the area where you were fishing. You did a great job out there.

    Keep us posted with the creek fishing that you do... maybe a photo or two. Thanks.

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