Gun dogs are good all around dogs

I've had GermanShorthaired Pointers in my house for about 30 years, maybe longer.  At this time, I have two.  Acutally, they belong to my daughter Lisa.

Gambol, who is 14 and Wager who is 4 are like night and day.   Gambol lives up to his name.  In the field he'll just gambol along at his own slow pace.  But he is one who is consistant and dependable.

Gambol has ranked as one of the top ten GSPs in the country when it comes to agility and obedience trials.

Wager is working his way up there and doing very well.  This past weekend Lisa took him to the Northern IL Bouvier des Flandres Club UKC Show.

Wager won Best in Show.  Not bad with over 200 dogs competing.

Wager is also going through training for hunt tests.

Here are a few photos of our family dogs.

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