Winter brings on Outdoor Activities

In late November, my daughter Lisa and I took my boat to Lake Calumet and taped a TV show on crappie fishing. We caught slab sized fish up to fourteen inches long and a handful of eleven inch perch.

Fishing like this on Lake Calumet will continue until it starts to freeze over. Just prior to that, Rich Komar, manager of the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoors Show joined me for some Cal Lake Crappie fishing. We even got a few bonus smallmouth bass.

Within the last two months I spent time in a tree stand bow and shotgun hunting for deer in southern Illinois. Many nice sized does were in my sights, but I let them all pass in anticipation that a big buck would be close behind.

Some real monster bucks were seen in the fields, but none were close enough for a shot.

What's next?

It's goose hunting in the cornfields. And now that safe ice is accumulating at the smaller ponds and in the channels by the Fox Chain, there will have to be time made for that too.

Fishing, hunting and enjoying the outdoors in Chicagoland is a good part of my life. Now that I am able to share my experiences with you, I can take this whole outdoor experience to a new level.

Let me leave you now with one final thought that will be brought to your attention quiet often. That thought is that here in Illinois, great fishing and hunting is not that far away.

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