What is the solution to get kids into the outdoors?

Why are not more kids interested in the outdoors?  What can we do to get them out fishing or hunting?  Is it too many video games?  Too much TV?  When kids watch outdoor TV and see someone catch a dozen 5 pound bass in a half hour a bit of an injustice?  Personally, I think that a father and son who see that on a certain lake then try to do it themselves and get skunked, that kid can really be turned off by fishing, don't you think?

Could it be that we're giving the kids the wrong gifts?  I'm a big believer that if you take a kid fishing, he or she should have the gear that suits their size.  It's pretty crazy to give a three or four foot tall child a rod and reel that they just can't handle.

Do your kids fish?  How did you get them started?   I really and not sure if it's right to give them a little push or let make up their own mind about wanting to be into the outdoors.


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  • I added a few more photos that I received. They are pics of kids fishing and hunting. Check them out. If you have any that you would like posted here, send them to iloutdoors@comcast.net.

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