Tell me about your deer hunt for 2009

Did you get out deer hunting this year?  How did you do?

The numbers for the two firearm seasons were down from last year.   Check out my article in Tuesday's Chicago Tribune.

I hunted both seasons in southern Illinois with the Boneyard Outfitters.  I saw a many does but let them all pass.  It was the typical situation where they kept looking over their shoulder.  Big buck following them?  Never saw one in the woods.

The corn was up for both seasons and I did see some monster bucks.   They would take only a step or two out of the corn, look around then retreat to the safety of the standing corn.

Let me know how your season went.  Send me your photos and I'll post them here in an album.  Please don't forget to send details.  Send pics to

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  • The first day of the late season firearm hunt at Goose Lake Prairie State Park. They allow 32 hunters out each day. Day one, only about 15 showed up. We saw a couple of monster bucks but no does. Others hunters saw some does but either they missed their shots or the deer were too far away.

    Day two (New Year's Day) only a couple hunters signed in. FYI, no stand by/walk in hunters allowed this year. Dan went out there today and saw a couple shootable does but let them pass.

    I have video of the big bucks and will grab some stills from that and post them here in the slide show. Added a few photos today from our first day out there.

    Tomorrow, I hope will bring a different story.

  • Back at Goose Lake Prairie State Park for my second day of deer hunting for the late winter season. It was cold. I don't know what the temperature was, but it was definately below zero. My wife and daughter bought me a Mr. Heater for days like this. Worked great in the ground blind.

    On 1/1 Dan scouted in the evening and saw two shootable does. Today, we saw seven deer, all does and one nice 8 pt. buck.

    Tomorrow, we're moving a bit further down the tree line by about 100 yards to get a closer shot at deer that have been using a trail for the past three mornings.

    I posted a couple more photos of the trees and brush that were near where we hunting. The frost cover came from Dresden Lake.

  • Just got home from the final day of the 1st week of deer hunting, late winter season. It was cold, brutally cold. The thermometer at home said 17 degrees below zero. Deer were not active in the morning. Looking forward to the second week. No full moon, and maybe it will be a bit warmer.

    Anyone else hunt the late winter season?

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