Let's hear about your goose hunting

Finally got to get out goose hunting a couple times. The birds are there but not yet coming to the fields I am able to hunt.

With the corn coming down late, birds were really scattered. They were using bean fields. Now they're all getting hungry and migrators are coming down to our area. Larger flocks are being seen in the fields.

If you're a water fowler, let me know how you've been doing by posting information on your hunts. That's what this blog is all about so I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Here are some photos from last year's hunts.

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  • Jim DaRosa, one of my cohost partners of the Fishing Line and Outdoor Radio Show, and I went goose hunting this afternoon for a few hours.

    We hunted out of layout blinds camo'd up with white rags so they would blend in some with the snow covered ground. Corn was soft. Jim nearly got stuck with his 4 wheel drive SUV. That blanket of snow must have been enough insulation to keep the field from freezing hard. The roads around the field were hard and solid.

    We didn't see a lot of birds but had enough come by that we could have limited out. The birds few high and for some reason, had no interest in coming into our spread.

    We took no shots, but none the less, enjoyed being in the field, calling, flagging and hoping that we would get a shot.

  • Hey Don, Ken Ingo from Poorman's Guide Service. Well Mother Nature has done it again for us. She dumped more snow and ice in the NW Ill.area. We are over knee deep in snow with ice under that.No food for birds and no birds so were done. Now getting ready for turkey hunting.Like the Bears-There's always next year. Say Hi to everyone for us. Ken

  • In reply to goosehunter1:

    Yes, the geese have seemed to disappear. On 12/29, Jim and I went to check out our fields in Will County. No birds. Several inches of snow and ice on the cornfields. With clear blue skies we could see in all directions with no problems. Birds were not in the air.

    We checked a few other fields that we knew held birds... no one at home. I took a ride out by Braidwood Lake today too. Nothing flying in the early afternoon.

    I talked with Todd Gessner in southern Illinois. He said thousands of birds have arrived in the last two days. Jim talked with his nephew from Carterville in SO IL. He confirmed that they are in SO IL and just across the border in Missouri. He was going to hunt Crab Orchard today.

    I'm not giving up on them. The Central Zone goes to the end of January and I have a couple of spots that will produce.... I hope.

  • In reply to DonDziedzina:

    Agree with you Don, I suppose it should'nt be of any suprise that we didnt see geese on yesterdays hunt. Wildlife are like us humans.. need 3 elements to survive....shelter, food, water...if one of the three are missisng they will relocate to more favorable conditions....our loss but to the central and southern zones gain. If your remember last year the same conditions forced the geest to move south in search of food...then came back after a late season mentdown. Jim DaRosa

  • In reply to basserjim:

    Well I'm sure we will more opportunities in the central zone. Northern Zone shuts down in another week (Jan 9).

    I'd like to know how other Northen Zone hunters are doing. Seeing more birds by the Cooling ponds, open rivers?

  • In reply to DonDziedzina:

    I added a few more photos from my last goose hunt a week ago. Birds seemed to be gone at the time. Saw none flying. On 12/31, I hunted for deer at Goose Lake Prairie State Park. Two fields on Lorenzo Road east of the park by Dresden Lake were loaded with geese. There were thousands in the fieldsd and more in the sky. Central zone will do well for awhile I think.

  • In reply to DonDziedzina:

    out here west of dekalb, geese have moved on, but hunting was excellent from mid december to new years. lots of geese, second year in a row. some pass shooting, some decoying in, no need to even really call 'em.

  • In reply to pcooney:

    Isn't it great when you have to have hunts like the ones we had in December?

    I think the cold weather made even more birds head south from this entire area. I have not seen birds in days. I was in Orland Park yesterday, the home of thousands of resident birds. None can be seen anywhere. I was also west of Lockport by the DesPlaines River.... Zippo!

    I'm going to go out this morning and scout a couple locations. Maybe one last shot in the northern zone. But I'll check out a central zone spot too closer to Braidwood. They have open water that should hold birds.

    pcooney... if you have any digital photos of your goose hunt, send them to me, I'll add them to the photo album. Same for you goosehunter1, send some photos to share. This is your bragging board too!

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