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The Things We Keep

I’m surrounded.  Sitting on the floor in the midst of piles of clothes.  Piles of giveaways and keeps.  Keep for next year if big enough or keep to donate. Keep to give to the sets of boy/girl twins we know or the final pile, the KEEP FOREVER pile. The things we keep. The shoes are... Read more »

Because He's a Good Dad

“ANNA BOOK! ANNA BOOK! ANNA BOOK!” This is the chant every evening as we climb the stairs to put our 2-year-olds to bed. My husband sighs and hems and haws, but in a joking, loving tone.  He then sits on the floor cross-legged and both babies back up until their bottoms are both in his... Read more »

A Love Note to My Two-Year-Old Twins for Their Birthday

I can’t believe you are two years old.  In my wildest dreams, I never believed I could love anyone so completely and fully and madly and deeply. I’ll tell you a little secret.  Remember when you were born?  That birth story was something.  But here’s the thing, I’m glad you aren’t little babies anymore. While I... Read more »

20 Things 2-Year-Olds Want from Santa

“What can I get for my 2 year old for Christmas?”  Really?  REALLY?  2-year-olds, at least mine, have no concept of what they want other than what is right in front of them.  They want what their siblings have or what we say they cannot have.  In that spirit, and going off what I wrote... Read more »

Nature vs Nurture in Twins

“Me, Gah, me!” My girl calls her brother “Gah”.  Not sure why as it has nothing to do with his actual name, but that’s definitely what she calls him.  Our Nanny sent a video of her saying, “Me, Gah, me” as he’s sitting on the big rocker and she wants him to move over so... Read more »

Hand-Me-Downs are Magical

If you were to look around our home, our yard, our kids, you would find so many gifts.  So many items that were generously given to us by our families and our friends.  It’s shocking really, how much of our lives are supplemented, bolstered, held up by our friends and families. That extends far beyond... Read more »

MINE - Addressing Sharing with Toddlers

Welp.  We had a good run.  We had a run with no “MINE” (until they could speak out loud) and no real problems with sharing.  The occasional tussle or smack to the head and a few bites.  Other than that, they’ve been content to share their stuff.  To share their food (well, mostly). To share... Read more »

It's a Great Day to be a Toddler!

Whether you love a toddler or you ARE a toddler, man, it’s a great day to be a toddler! BECAUSE: Enormous lovely creatures demand your attention. The world needs more superheroes.  Superpower?  Awesomeness. Apple cider doughnut holes.  These are delicious! Falling leaves and rainboots are the most beautiful free fun.  Follow me! Rockabilly. You get... Read more »

The Extraordinary Everyday Playground

She crossed the bridge!  SHE CROSSED THE BRIDGE!  Without my help and without falling.  She crossed the bridge.  This was last Summer.  She didn’t falter or doubt herself, she just propelled forward and as I held my breath, she crossed the bridge.  She never looked back.  She walked a month after her brother and she... Read more »

What the heck are those 2-year-old toddlers eating?

Let's talk about how these little divided plates for $1 at Target have changed my life.  LOVE.  Scrambled eggs, Banana, spinach, rasperries, toast with jam and almond/coconut milk.
I get lots of “What the heck are those 2-year-old toddlers eating?” requests, so this is for you!  And PLEASE.  Keep in mind, this is what WE do for our family.  What you do for your family is perfect.  To each their own. Now that they are almost 2 years old (January 7th — Woot-yay for... Read more »
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