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All the Things I Would Miss

Being sober for a while, it gets a bit easier to rest on your laurels.  To think that you’ve got this thing licked and that you are just like everybody else. Normal.  Wife, mother, employee, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor. The thing is though, that can all disappear with just one drink.  While that seems... Read more »

Because He's a Good Dad

“ANNA BOOK! ANNA BOOK! ANNA BOOK!” This is the chant every evening as we climb the stairs to put our 2-year-olds to bed. My husband sighs and hems and haws, but in a joking, loving tone.  He then sits on the floor cross-legged and both babies back up until their bottoms are both in his... Read more »

A Love Note to My Two-Year-Old Twins for Their Birthday

I can’t believe you are two years old.  In my wildest dreams, I never believed I could love anyone so completely and fully and madly and deeply. I’ll tell you a little secret.  Remember when you were born?  That birth story was something.  But here’s the thing, I’m glad you aren’t little babies anymore. While I... Read more »

When the SHOULDS get too loud

Holiday break is coming to a close. We haven’t had our normal schedule for two weeks. This, in theory, sounds lovely each year and I’m very fortunate my work gives us this time off. But by the end of the two weeks I am CHOMPING AT THE BIT to get back to routine. I am... Read more »

Second Chances

It’s been 20 years since I first threw myself at my Christopher. Christmastime 1994 was when it all first happened.  20 YEARS.  In honor of that anniversary, I’m republishing our story on this ChicagoNow blog from my old blog (first published November 2011) as it’s one of my favorites.  If it didn’t really happen to... Read more »

20 Things 2-Year-Olds Want from Santa

“What can I get for my 2 year old for Christmas?”  Really?  REALLY?  2-year-olds, at least mine, have no concept of what they want other than what is right in front of them.  They want what their siblings have or what we say they cannot have.  In that spirit, and going off what I wrote... Read more »

The Stinkiest Lovie in all the Land

Once upon a time, we had no kids.  We were blissfully unaware of the smells to come.  We were pregnant with twins and receiving lovely gifts and not really sure what would be lovingly used to death or casually set aside in a pile to give away. WE DIDN’T KNOW. We never knew before these... Read more »

How to Stay Happy Joyous and Free During the Holidays as a Sober Person

Because I’m an alcoholic and always will be, I would really like to be able to drink at these holiday parties I’m going to in the coming weeks. But what happens then?  I fall into the Christmas tree.  It’s happened. TWICE.  Two separate years yours truly fell drunkenly into the company Christmas tree.  It’s really... Read more »

Planes, Trains and Automobiles to Arizona for Thanksgiving

Just stirring from their naps, in my parents’ extra room somewhere in the desert of Arizona, my two kids are greeted by their four cousins for the first time in their little lives.  All four kids (ages 2, 4, 7 and 9) wander in as my two pop heads out of their pack n’ plays... Read more »

Hand-Me-Downs are Magical

If you were to look around our home, our yard, our kids, you would find so many gifts.  So many items that were generously given to us by our families and our friends.  It’s shocking really, how much of our lives are supplemented, bolstered, held up by our friends and families. That extends far beyond... Read more »
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    When my husband and I were desperately trying to have a baby, I kept wishing I would just happen upon a baby. Therefore, "I Want a Dumpster Baby" blog was born. All babies are precious and worthy of so much love! I'm a grateful drunk who doesn't drink, a smoker who doesn't smoke and a mom of boy/girl twins from IVF (the devil science brought us babies made of hope, love and science) born January 7th, 2013. Now the blog is called "I Got a Dumpster Family!" because, well, I did. I work as a Big Shot (aka Admin) in a full time job that I love and I'm grateful for the good the bad and the ugly. If life were fair, I would be dead, and I would miss this life beyond my wildest dreams. It's a great day to be alive!

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