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Dear New Mom of Twins

Dear New Mom of Twins, I’ve been doing this twin mom thing for almost a year and a half now, and well, my kids are still alive.  I believe that qualifies me to drop some wisdom bombs on all of you in the trenches of the first year.  First off, I want to tell you... Read more »

17-Month-Olds are Delightful

My boy waves his arms so unabashedly filled with excitement that you are unable to stop yourself from fits of laughter.  When he propels himself flapping his wings toward you for a hug, you feel a hot tear flush with joy rise up and you just go with it.  He smiles at you with those... Read more »

It All Happened Here

 We have bought ourselves a new home.  We move the end of May and we will be leaving our teeny tiny apartment.  While I’m super stoked and beyond excited about this new place and all the joy it’s going to bring, there will always and forever be a place in my heart for this place... Read more »

Life after Infertility

Let’s say you were told you couldn’t have children. You were convinced it might not happen and you were open to adoption or other methods if it came to that.  But you had to try.  After being poked and prodded and hormoned up all over the place, you got pregnant.  And not just pregnant, but... Read more »

A Family Lives Here

We are not unlike the multitudes of families out there who enjoyed a Saturday in the snow and perhaps got a bit too excited at the prospect of babies touching feeling tasting snow for the very first time ever.  You see, when the world has told you no too often to count, and you keep saying YES, you celebrate... Read more »

10 Reasons I'm Grateful for Twins

Whenever I see an article about twins, I read it because I think, HEY THAT IS ABOUT US!  What I find though, is a lot of negativity and fear mongering. And that is NOT about us.  Similar to the books that are out there about having twins, it seems people like to scare the crap... Read more »

Yay, Love!

It’s my 4 year wedding anniversary to my dear sweet dumpster husband today!  When I think we’ve only been married 4 years and realize all we’ve been through, it blows my tiny mind.  I wrote this last year, and it is chock full o’ pictures from our wedding and our original love story of Second... Read more »

Mother's Day Post Mortem - My Winning Night at Write Club Chicago

I had the honor of battling in Write Club Chicago last night.  What’s Write Club you ask?  Click that link and find out.  My ego feels pretty good this morning as I was terrified to get up on stage after many years and a couple babies, but I did it, godsdammit.  AND I WON!  Write... Read more »

My Very First Mother's Day as a Mom

It’s almost Mother’s Day.  There are a lot of those pesky feelings cropping up.  Such as – I AM RESPONSIBLE.  Like, REALLY RESPONSIBLE for these two beings.  Who the hell made that decision?  I did.  Which means I have to really be responsible for myself or these babies are screwed.  There was a long stretch... Read more »

The Big Infertility to In Vitro Fertilization to Baby Round Up

Ah, my old nemesis and friend, I’ve missed you.  Well, no I haven’t, actually, you can get bent.  Wait, you can’t?  Oh yeah, well, at least beat it.  Go pound sand or something. Welcome to the rodeo!  It’s been a year since we started this  Infertility to In Vitro Fertization to Baby process.  We started... Read more »
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    When my husband and I were desperately trying to have a baby, I kept wishing I would just happen upon a baby. Therefore, "I Want a Dumpster Baby" blog was born. All babies are precious and worthy of so much love! I'm a grateful drunk who doesn't drink, a smoker who doesn't smoke and a mom of boy/girl twins from IVF (the devil science brought us babies made of hope, love and science) born January 7th, 2013. Now the blog is called "I Got a Dumpster Family!" because, well, I did. I work as a Big Shot (aka Admin) in a full time job that I love and I'm grateful for the good the bad and the ugly. If life were fair, I would be dead, and I would miss this life beyond my wildest dreams. It's a great day to be alive!

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