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My Last Drink was a Bottle of Nyquil 14 Years Ago

It snuck up on me this year.  This Soberthday.  This 14 year anniversary of the day I said ENOUGH and finally stopped all the bullshit lies and asked for help with my alcoholism and then took the help being offered to me seriously.  The day I chose life on life’s terms. That day I walked... Read more »

Mom Struggle Face

OH MAN OH MAN.  the Sunday evening mom struggle face IS REAL.  And it is by far my least favorite segment of the week.  My husband and I know it’s going to hit every week and yet it still takes us by surprise.  Our normally perfect sweet angel babies (SEE SARCASM but only kind of... Read more »

ALS Walk for Life: In Honor of Uncle Chip

What is ALS? ALS is a progressive, degenerative disease affecting motor neurons. Motor neurons are specialized nerve cells that carry impulses from the brain to the muscles by way of the brainstem and the spinal cord. The muscles then move in response to these impulses. In ALS, motor neurons gradually cease functioning and die. As... Read more »

24 reasons why 42 is my favorite year

There are lots of reasons I’m diving into my 42nd year on this planet with gusto.  You’re in luck too because I’m going to list them here! I like popcorn. Way too much.  I eat it for dinner a couple nights a week.  Sometimes I eat nachos in bed while watching Friends (just finished the... Read more »

On Losing a Beloved Pet and Sharing Grief with Kids

Animal love. Pet love, specifically rescue pet love is almost unbearable. It’s what you take on when you love another living being no matter what. We all die someday. Is it worth the pain?  Yes. Absolutely positively unequivocally yes. Nothing compares.  I wouldn’t wish the pain away.  But damn, does it hurt. Our sweet old... Read more »

6 Years of Marriage Feels Like Forever

How in the world has it only been 6 years?  This 6 years of marriage feels like forever in the best possible way.  Like we’ve always been together. Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other most of our adult lives, even when we took that little 12 year break and many other turns to get... Read more »

Thrift Store Earrings of Hope

Years ago I was SURE that I didn’t want kids.  NEVER.  NEVER EVER EVER.*   I didn’t have a motherly instinct. I certainly didn’t want to bring another life into the world that I could screw up. I was also in a series of relationships that made me question everything about myself and wonder why... Read more »

I Saw This Family at the Dollar Store

When you troll the dollar stores for years in search of paper plates and straws and cat toys and party favors and completely inedible foods, you never even walk down the toy aisle. Except when you are looking for your nephews and then you think LET’S JUST KEEP LIKING LIGHT UP STICKS FOREVER, can we... Read more »

Things We Laugh About LATER: The Sickness

These babes o’ mine have not really been sick in their 2-plus years outside of my belly.  So we’ve had a killer run avoiding the yuck. HOWEVER. There is a first time for everything and we belly-flopped into the great unknown world of bodily functions that we had previously only heard tell of from others... Read more »

Today is my Favorite

There will come a day when you aren’t going to think that going to the library with your mom is pretty much the best thing in the world. But that day is not today. Today we stop at the Dunkin’ Donut drive thru and as I order a large black coffee and munchkins for your... Read more »
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    I'm a grateful drunk who doesn't drink (sobriety date 10/4/2001), a smoker who doesn't smoke and a mom of boy/girl twins from IVF born 1/7/13. I'm grateful for the good the bad and the ugly. It's great to be alive!

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