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All the ways 18-month-olds are Incredible

My babes are A YEAR AND A HALF TODAY.  Whoa.  They were just blobs not too long ago and now they are absolutely incredible little humans. People tend to say, “oh they are getting so big!” or “stop them from getting any bigger!” As if getting bigger is a bad thing.  That bugs me.  Each... Read more »

Dear New Mom of Twins

Dear New Mom of Twins, I’ve been doing this twin mom thing for almost a year and a half now, and well, my kids are still alive.  I believe that qualifies me to drop some wisdom bombs on all of you in the trenches of the first year.  First off, I want to tell you... Read more »

17-Month-Olds are Delightful

My boy waves his arms so unabashedly filled with excitement that you are unable to stop yourself from fits of laughter.  When he propels himself flapping his wings toward you for a hug, you feel a hot tear flush with joy rise up and you just go with it.  He smiles at you with those... Read more »

Living Life without Reflection

When we moved into our new home, it was standing guard in the bedroom as it has been everywhere we’ve lived the last number of years, but this time around, it was in the way.  Bulky.  Too substantial for the room. It held too much power.  Too much space. And it got me thinking. What... Read more »


WE DID IT!  We are in our NEW HOME. I have much to write about and share with you, BUT I AM A LITTLE BUSY and I’m in the midst of an epic blood curdling battle with Comcast about our WiFi (you’ve never heard so many cuss words come out of this woman’s mouth), so... Read more »

10 Ways Toddlers are Just like Tiny Alcoholics

I’m a recovering alcoholic.  I have two toddlers.  My world is pretty much full of drunks (both active and sober) and toddlers and I find this oddly comforting as they’re my favorites. Have you ever said no to an alcoholic?  Saying no to a toddler is oddly similar.  Neither cares for the word “no” very... Read more »

It All Happened Here

 We have bought ourselves a new home.  We move the end of May and we will be leaving our teeny tiny apartment.  While I’m super stoked and beyond excited about this new place and all the joy it’s going to bring, there will always and forever be a place in my heart for this place... Read more »

The Look that all Moms Know

I cry a lot these days.  It’s a big ol’ hot mess of a mom-cry.  My girlfriend and new mom has started using this phrase, “Momotional” and I have to say, it’s perfect.  I am struck down by the awesomeness and the wonder of what being a mom has meant to my life and my... Read more »


The good news is I may never again buy myself a new pair of shoes.  The even better news is that as we sat in stunned silence looking at each other Monday night, it hit us that it’s over.  Our search is over. It actually happened in a 36-hour period of time.  After seeing roughly... Read more »

Dear Parents - You are Doing it Right

If you wake up in the morning and you are happy when you remember that you have little people waiting for you in the next room, you are doing it right. If you wander in their room and they are ecstatic to see you and greet you for the day, you are doing it right.... Read more »
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    When my husband and I were desperately trying to have a baby, I kept wishing I would just happen upon a baby. Therefore, "I Want a Dumpster Baby" blog was born. All babies are precious and worthy of so much love! I'm a grateful drunk who doesn't drink, a smoker who doesn't smoke and a mom of boy/girl twins from IVF (the devil science brought us babies made of hope, love and science) born January 7th, 2013. Now the blog is called "I Got a Dumpster Family!" because, well, I did. I work as a Big Shot (aka Admin) in a full time job that I love and I'm grateful for the good the bad and the ugly. If life were fair, I would be dead, and I would miss this life beyond my wildest dreams. It's a great day to be alive!

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