When They are Sick


When they are sick, you want nothing more than for them to feel better.

When they are sick, you would gladly take their place.

When they are sick, you go to extreme measures to soothe and reassure.

When they are sick, you stay home from work to suffer along with them.

When they are sick, you find yourself doing impossibly gross things that you never would have done to another creature before they were born.

When they are sick, you get sick.  And you bear it because you know it must be so much worse for them.

When they are sick, you are extra grateful for your Village.

When they are sick, you contort yourself to balance the snuggling and hugging and soothing required with two who only want your love and attention at all times.

When they are sick you desperately long for a smile or bit of laughter that you haven't seen nearly enough of in a week.

When they are sick they cry, and you sometimes cry too.

When they are sick, you let them eat whatever they want.

When they are sick, one feels better but the other doesn't and then it jumps back to the other again.

When they are sick, you call your mom.  A lot.

When they are sick, your arm muscles get a workout from holding them both at all times.

When they are sick, you just keep being thankful it will pass and that the doctor said it's just a cold.

When they are sick, you know it will pass but with each cough you wish it would pass more quickly.

When they are sick, you learn all the tricks of wiping noses and sucking things out of noses that you never would have dreamed of just one year ago.

When they are sick, they sleep more.  But you actually don't enjoy it because it means they don't feel well.

When they are sick, you learn more about communicating, whether it's sign language or a certain high-pitched cry, you learn what your kids are trying to tell you and sometimes, it's just, "Mommy, I am so miserable."

When they are sick, you send videos and pictures for the moments you can't be with them.

When they are sick, you learn to never ever ever take their health for granted and silently give thanks for the health of your kids while sending out so much love to those who have kids that are not well and never will be.


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