Things We Laugh About LATER: The Sickness

These babes o’ mine have not really been sick in their 2-plus years outside of my belly.  So we’ve had a killer run avoiding the yuck. HOWEVER. There is a first time for everything and we belly-flopped into the great unknown world of bodily functions that we had previously only heard tell of from others... Read more »

In Defense of IVF

There’s been a lot of backlash against a couple designers in the news lately who came out and called my babies synthetic and unnatural.  MY BABIES. For no reason other than they like to stir the pot I would imagine.  I can’t believe I have to write this post but I will. For myself and... Read more »

Good Morning, My Sunshines

If you would have told me just a few short years ago that mornings, early mornings sunny mornings foggy mornings snowy mornings cold and rainy mornings – ANY MORNINGS – would be my favorite, I would have said, you must be joking. But when you open that door in the morning.  When you walk up... Read more »

Donna Day 2015: Baby You're a Firework

Today is Donna Day.  This year is the 4th year I’ve written about sweet Donna and her mama.  My previous posts are here and here.  I really loved those posts.  I love them as much today as I did when I wrote them. But it feels like we keep repeating ourselves.  Let’s work to stop that. The first... Read more »

Today is my Favorite

There will come a day when you aren’t going to think that going to the library with your mom is pretty much the best thing in the world. But that day is not today. Today we stop at the Dunkin’ Donut drive thru and as I order a large black coffee and munchkins for your... Read more »

Having Twins Made My Eyes Go in Two Directions. Literally.

I started joking before they were even born that this would happen.  All twin moms do.  Because you DO need to be looking in two directions at the same time.  While I thought this was simply a metaphor for twin care, it ACTUALLY happened to me.  Having twins made my eyes go in two directions.... Read more »

Reeks of Compassion

You never know who you will find inside the disguise.  The protection.  The armor. Just look in her eyes.  Just smell his breath.  Just try to imagine combing her course twisted hair.  Just think what his skin looks like underneath that layer of grime.  He can’t remember the last time he went to the dentist... Read more »


First I was all OH BUT I LOVE THIS OLD BED AND I AM SO SENTIMENTAL ABOUT IT AND LOOK AT IT.  It’s held up by books.  BY BOOKS! THIS OLD BED. Hand me down with hand me down mattresses from my Grammie (what a broad she was). Eliza is the only one who still enjoys... Read more »

From Homelessness to Parenthood: If This Backpack Could Talk

It’s been used as a pillow and a blanket on park benches and under trees. It’s been used as a closet for your one other set of clothing. It’s been used as a weapon to ward off other homeless folks trying to steal your $.37. It’s been used as a safe for that same $.37.... Read more »

That is Why I Teach

This is another installment in the guest post series by my family.  This is my little mama writing again, because she has always been a great writer and she’s always been a great teacher in some capacity.  Many many kids have benefited from her teaching and her kindness through her many years.  She has so many stories... Read more »
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    I'm a grateful drunk who doesn't drink (sobriety date 10/4/2001), a smoker who doesn't smoke and a mom of boy/girl twins from IVF born 1/7/13. I'm grateful for the good the bad and the ugly. It's great to be alive!

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