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Rethinking Miscarriage

“Such disservice is done to those who miscarry.  The world acts as if it expects the baby will live. Until the baby dies. And then…’the baby’ never was. Replaced instead by such an ugly word: Miscarried.” – Lori, Still Standing Magazine – (http://stillstandingmag.com/2014/02/mother-alone/) I want to be perfectly honest with you. The first time I read... Read more »

An Atheist's Son Floors His Father with a Simple Question

I’m proud of my son. I think he’s amazing, smart, and pretty terrific, but I’m biased and tend to lean in his favor most of the time. However, I also can find him rude, whiny, and childish at times as well, but nothing makes me happier than just sitting and talking with him about things... Read more »

Random Acts of Kindness caught on film

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Yes, our government is shutdown, Healthcare.gov is a mess, the economy is being held hostage, and debt ceiling deadline is fast approaching. Things are headed in a sad direction, but still there people out there who do these little random acts of kindness. These fellow humans being the best of us. But you know what?... Read more »

Something needs to change

There are a few times in our lives when we really know that things need to change. We look at the prospect of rolling out of bed again 5:30 in the morning on your day off and schlepping yourself off to the store that you were at roughly  twelve hours ago to finish a project... Read more »