Our Hosts

James OldMan CoHost podcast


James is a 40 year old restaurant manager who resides in the Chicago suburbs. He is an avid music fan, reader and general consumer of media. After spending the majority of his adult life perusing intriguing conversations with varied people he has finally found an outlet for this passion in the I Think, You Think podcast.






Justin is an award winning piano player, in that he won an award when he was like 8 years old for playing Three Blind Mice. However, he doesn't let that go to his head. He spends a great deal of time working in retail management and customer service. He spends much of his free time  playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons (This is how he met James). Justin lives in the Chicago-land area with his wife Ashley (aka. The Captain) and two children Brenin (The Welsh word for King) and Rhiannon (A Goddess in Welsh Mythology).



Sequoia Hippie CoHost podcast


Sequoia hails from California and between her origin and namesake, has never been able to drop the hippie moniker. Recently, she decided to just go with it and is currently crafting a self-sufficient jungle inside of her apartment. An aspiring world traveler interested in behavioral sciences, she is about one local-grown, organic salad away from being certified organic herself. She currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago where her most often asked question is, “This has to be the worst the weather gets, right?”