About the Podcast

“I think, You think” is a podcast that focuses on what we, your hosts think, but also what you think.

Too many times we spend debates and discussions talking past one another and not enough time trying to learn and understand why someone thinks what they think. This is what makes “I think, You think” different, because we are focused on why people think the way they do, and why we think the way we do.

James, Sequoia and I believe that the forum of ideas should be open to everyone and everyone should have the opportunity to challenge and be challenged by ideas.

We are not here to pass judgement, but merely discuss ideas and topics.

This podcast, first and foremost, is a conversation between us, and hopefully, you.

“I think, you think” is produced by Stolen Arts Productions and is recorded live at Fisher International Studios

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And you can email us at ithinkyouthink2012@gmail.com