Sammie: The Bionic Superhero

There are people in this world that just make you so glad to have had a moment to interact with them. They're zest, for life is humbling and leaves you smiling. I had the opportunity of meeting two such persons by the name of Sammie, a young lady who had a cochlear implant to help her overcome having been born deaf, and Mike, a musician with the privilege of being her father and it was awesome. Superhero awesome.

Sammie is 10 and in the 4th grade. She was born deaf and had her first cochlear implant surgery at 11 months. She was one of the first kids in the northeast to have a bilateral implant at such a young age. Without her implants she has a 90% hearing loss with her implants has better hearing than her father. She has been doing karate for 7 years and describes herself as a tomboy who likes scary and weird things. She also enjoys hardcore and punk rock music.
Sammie’s dream, when she grows up, is to be a film artist or a scooter dare devil.

Check out the podcast and vidcast below:



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