Unemployment and Falsehoods


Unemployment and falsehoods

There was something about what this image is claiming that didn't sit right with me as I came upon it on my Facebook feed. (Perhaps it's cause I'm a bleeding heart liberal socialist) So I figured I'd spend a bit of time looking up the Bureau of Labor Statistics Unemployment rates going back 40+ years.

What I found was that the most recent unemployment rate in April of 2014 was 6.3% and the worst it has ever been during Obama's presidency was 10.0% in October of 2009.

Was that the worst?

Nope that belongs to November and December of 1982 at a whopping 10.8%

The best was in April of 2000 at 3.8%

That means that the current rate is actually 2 percentage points closer to the best rate we've seen in 40 years than it is to the worst rate.

The number of unemployed, according to the caption, is 23 million. This is also incorrect as the BLS has it at 9.8 million.

Now, I understand that this is probably an old image made, most likely, during one of the worst times of our unemployment numbers in the last 40 years, but Christians for a Sustainable Economy, where this image came from, posted it merely 5 hours ago (as I post this).

Since immigration reform is becoming a more talked about topic right now I don't blame people for wanting to talk about it, but I do have a problem with the dissemination of false information.

I figure Christians for a Sustainable Economy are either aware that this image is false or unaware of its unemployment falsehood.

If they are aware, they are being dishonest and really a poor example for Christians everywhere. (Not to mention, 'Bearing false witness')

If they are unaware, it seems unwise to value (and repost) something that a self described group wishing for a sustainable economy can't even bother to spend less than 30 seconds fact checking.

Here's the BLS data if you are interested:



This is what I think, What do you think?

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