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A Tribute to a Friend

I have a close friend of mine that I’ve known for over a decade. We met in college, played a piano duet, sang in choir together and, in probably one of the best “friend” things ever, drove me all the way from Judson University in the suburbs of Chicago to the border of Ohio and... Read more »

Unemployment and Falsehoods

There was something about what this image is claiming that didn’t sit right with me as I came upon it on my Facebook feed. (Perhaps it’s cause I’m a bleeding heart liberal socialist) So I figured I’d spend a bit of time looking up the Bureau of Labor Statistics Unemployment rates going back 40+ years.... Read more »

A Bird for Mother's Day

There they were, three baby birds barely a few feathers on their tiny bodies, two of them squished by a careless person who hadn’t noticed them upon the concrete and the other having died either from the fall or exposure. I picked up the two squished bodies with haste but paused on the other baby... Read more »