Potty Training: I give up.

Potty Training

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Sometimes I really hate raising such strong willed, pig headed child. It's a damn chore on a daily basis and I'm not even the one who has to deal with it on a daily basis, my saint of a wife does. Me? I'm only responsible during my days off and sometimes at night when my wife is at work. However, I am on vacation this week and I, stupidly I might add, decided that THIS WEEK we are going to tackle this potty training thing once and for all.

If you'll pardon the language, What the Fuck was I thinking?

Here's this tiny little person living in my house who grasps the concept of what the restroom is for, what the potty is for, that your pee and poop goes in this giant (to her I'm sure) chair that then makes it disappear with the push of a button, err... flick of a lever. However, she isn't using the toilet.

Now, and maybe I'm remembering this wrong, her older brother seemed to have less issues with learning to use the potty. I believe that he peed himself ONCE and that was enough for him to say, "Yep. I don't like this, I shall use this porcelain seat with happiness!" (But with terrible aim).

My daughter has been wearing 'undies' and not a 'diapee' (training pants) for the last few days and we've had nothing but accidents.

I mean, seriously! I've taken her into the bathroom to 'try' (Which she receives a sticker for; stickers are like crack to her. FYI) and then no more than 5 minutes after we leave the bathroom and she has done nothing in there, she comes screaming into the living room with wet underwear and serious disappointment written on her face along with her tears.

Honestly though, I really don't believe that she's being intentionally defiant. I believe that she is having trouble connecting what it "feels" like to need to go potty. I do believe that she actually is genuinely surprised when she has an 'accident' and that she's still trying to understand how to relax the muscles that control her bladder on command and not accidentally while sitting and watching something on Netflix in her room.

So, I don't know when this child is gonna embrace her potty training and really move forward, but I"m interested in any suggestions you have we've tried bribes, promises, crying, begging, negotiations, gifts, and generally curling up into a fetal position when none of those work.

Does the carpet smell funny where I'm lying? -.-

This is what I think. What do you think?

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