Change is Overcome by a Good Captain (To my wife)

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In six short months our lives will forever change and for more than a year afterward my family will be split and living on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean. My children and I remaining here while my wife (the Captain) travels nearly 4,000 miles to pursue a long sought after degree from a prestigious university in the United Kingdom; the first steps down a long road toward our goals as a family.

"No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy" - Lord Horatio Nelson

I like to believe that, despite this change, that my wife and I are partners in this existence and steer our family across the vast oceans of life, but there is no denying her role as "the Captain".

And I love her for it and would follow her into death and beyond.

But, I'm scared. I truly am. Change brings about uncertainty and, in some cases, fear.

I'm worried about her being half a world away when she needs me to assuage her fears and I'm worried about how I'm going to balance a full plate at home and at work. I'm worried about finding the financial backing for this venture and I'm worried that her dreams could go unfulfilled if we can't. I'm worried that we will be lonely and that the vast new demands on our time will make it hard for us to seize moments together.

I'm worried, and that worry is our enemy.

"A little suffering is good for the soul." - Captain Kirk

This change is a testament to growth. It is the thing that we build towards, that we overcome, and that we look back on with pride that we are better human beings for having lived through it and grown from it.

We follow our captains into the unknown and into the dark not because they know what the future holds, but because they are our beacons; our hope. And we would be lost without them. We would drown alone in the darkness of the vast ocean.

"You have no idea what it felt like, coming back to life and knowing the world was empty...because you'd gone!" - Captain Jack Harkness

And this is why we fight for our captains. This is why we sail to any lengths for them. This is why we embrace the change and do the impossible.

"We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty." - Captain Mal

The thing about change is it's scary. It's a testament to the unknown and the undiscovered. It asks us to look toward a future that is uncertain and either shrink from it or engage it. With that in mind...

"Engage." - Captain Jean Luc Picard


This is what I think. What do you think?

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