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Rethinking Miscarriage

“Such disservice is done to those who miscarry.  The world acts as if it expects the baby will live. Until the baby dies. And then…’the baby’ never was. Replaced instead by such an ugly word: Miscarried.” – Lori, Still Standing Magazine – ( I want to be perfectly honest with you. The first time I read... Read more »

New Promo For You!

Did you know that our podcast has a brand spanking new promo video? Seriously! I finished this thing late last week at the end of my short vacation from work and I have to say it is super cool. I’m very proud of the work! I’m not proud because it’s epic or anything. In all... Read more »

Cosmos: A Disappointing Trailer

A few days ago the newest trailer for Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey hit the interwebs and helped to reignite some embers of excitement around this upcoming series. Me? I found it a bit lackluster, a bit dull, and nowhere near as exciting as the previous trailer from six months ago. Oh sure, the music was... Read more »