Free Miley Cyrus! (The catch and release of a child star)

So it seems everyone has an opinion on Miley Cyrus as of late. How did she go from child star to an adult with a sexual identity? When did she become someone who is able to make her own decisions and doesn't fit our view of what she should be? Well honestly, she did it without a lot of help from us. I'm not saying everyone has these views, but it seems the people that scream the loudest in these situations do. We, as a group, love to sit back and judge people in the limelight. It's so easy for us to decide what we would or would not do in someone else's position. So easy for us to shout out or type out our uninformed judgments of another persons actions. Maybe we've earned the right. We as a group of people have bought enough of their merchandise to make them rich. So they owe us, right? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, that is not exactly my topic today.

Free Miley! Hopefully I'll be able to convince you to let her go. Imagine if you will a life where everyone wanted you to be the same exact person you were your freshman year of high school. All of your friends and family were always disappointed that you are not that person. Now blow that up to the non-stop 24-7 media stream. Sure doesn't sound appealing to me. Now imagine you didn't even get to be yourself in high school. You had to be a super sweet good kid instead. Now stack those on top of each other and we're getting close. I guess my question is this, why do we feel we have the right to hold certain celebrities to a higher standard then ourselves? Do we have that right? How do you think your life would hold up under such scrutiny?

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