Christmas Gifts for a 31-Year-Old

Christmas gifts from Santa

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So it's December; Thanksgiving turkey is starting to become the norm for lunchtime sandwiches and we are in the shortest holiday season in the last few years. To be exact, Black Friday (Or Black Thursday Night) is less than four weeks before that fated of all consumer driven holidays, Christmas.

I'm not big on consumerism, but I do love me some brand spanking new toys, especially when they are technology, or game related. I don't mind a nice clever shirt here and there, but nothing gets my heart pumping like new controller or game, tablet or computer. I just love those fancy little gadgets. They make my heart go all fluttery and get my skin all goose bumpy.

And this has really always been the case.

I recall, as a younger lad, watching my older siblings tear into their Christmas presents and getting all gaga over new clothes, or some sort of knick knack that would just sit on a shelf somewhere. Me? I need toys I can play with and interact with and so I used to watch my older siblings with dread.

"One day, " I would think to myself, "I'll be that old and I won't get toys anymore. I'll get clothes and boring stuff."

I was horrified about growing up and living in a world where Christmas (and birthdays) didn't include games and toys. For a child in his preteen years, I /really/ didn't want to grow up. I just wanted toys and games until the day I died.

Well, I'm 31 now and you know what? I still only want toys and games. I don't /hate/ clothes or anything, but given the choice I'll take a toy over something sensible like, oh I don't know, a few new pairs of underwear or a t-shirt. I will say, though, that my in-laws buy us all a new set of pajamas that we open on Christmas Eve every year and I really do look forward to that, but I wouldn't say no to a video game to open on Christmas Eve. (It might not keep me warm at night, but, you know what? Warmth is overrated.)

Anyhow, this wasn't meant to be a post about how I grew up and realized that sensible things are really what I prefer at Christmas. In fact, if you are looking for that you can just go elsewhere. Nope! This is completely about how much I love being 31 and still enjoy getting toys and games for Christmas.

You are only as old as you feel. And me? I'm pushing 11 with a brand new XBox One sitting in my living room.

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