Why would I call out to god?

Years ago, before I admitted to my atheism, I was a christian. I believed in God, had been raised in a christian household, attended an evangelical christian college, and entertained thoughts of going into the ministry.

Now, over six years later, I'm an atheist (In case this post didn't clue you in!) and Yahweh, or any god for that matter, seems to be silent about it (at least to me).

A few years ago, during my "evangelical atheist" period in my life, I made a few videos on my YouTube page (which has now become the StolenArts Productions YouTube page and is the location for all of our vidcasts of I Think, You Think) and this video has always been one of my favorites.

The audio is sub-par and the editing is boring (text on a black background) but the story is poignant and worth listening too, regardless of where you fall on the god question.

Thanks for your time and I really want to know... What do you think about this? How would you react if you were told this? Was I off base... or did I not go far enough with this woman?

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