Three steps...

It was only a couple steps. Three to be exact. Well, four if you count the ground, but you would only count that if you were coming down the steps, and if that were the case you wouldn't count the top step-

She was delaying again and she knew it.

Jessica sat quietly across the street on a park bench looking toward the plainest looking building in Somerset. It was three stories tall made of a fine aged brick that seemed to sway carefully in the spring wind."

That was stupid- buildings don't sway. Well, some do. The very tall ones. The buildings in New York or Chicago. Those massive sky scrappers stretching up into the heavens that even the gods might envy.

The gods... why did she think about gods at a time like that. It had been years since the very thought crossed her mind or set upon her lips.

Jessica signed and counted, "1... 2... 3..." It was still three steps up into that three story brick building on Kennedy St in the little town of Somerset, but Jessica couldn't bring herself to go up them.

It might have been the groups that had gathered outside holding signs. Signs that dripped with hurtful words, and disgusting pictures. Or it might be the fact that her leg was still bruised and hurt great deal when she put any wait on it that made the steps so worrisome. Or maybe it was that her mother, who had promised to come, was not here.

"She's probably found a bar to slip into," Jessica thought, "anything to take her mind off helping someone else."

The minutes passed and Jessica continued to stare blankly toward the yellow brick building.

She looked down at her watch. It was almost 3:00 and she knew that's when the clinic would close. That's when she would gather up her backpack and limp one her bruised leg the half mile back to the high school where she might make it in time for her after school study group.

"But that's where Morgan was." She silently spoke to herself.

She how she was sitting on the bench, pulled her sweater around her and sat forward staring down at the ground.

"Three steps..."

There had been three steps up to Missy Elliott's house on Saturday- or had it been four? Jessica was having difficulty recalling.

She shook her head furiously, she didn't really want to remember and it didn't really matter anymore. It had happened. It was done. All Jessica Fogbottom had to do now was decide... go to the clinic or head back to school.

She stood up, picked up her backpack and limped toward the yellow brick building. Each step sent pangs of pain through her leg from where she had smashed it against the coffee table at Missy's during the party.

The words of the protesters were becoming more clear as Jessica approached.

"Jesus loves the little children," they sang out as she walked closer. "all the children of the world."

"Why did they have to be here." Jessica thought, "I'm in enough pain..."

They continued singing, their words echoing in her ears, "Ones unborn are special too, God will surely punish you! Jesus loves your little children in your womb

"Fuckers." she thought to herself and pulled her hoodie up over her long black hair trying to hid her face.

"You-" One of them had noticed her. "Girl! Stop! God does not want you to do this."

"One step," Jessica whispered as she willed herself forward.

"Your baby is special!" The woman called out to her.

"Two..." tears began welling in Jessica's eyes.

"It doesn't want to die anymore than you do!"

Up the third step and Jessica was outside the door, touching the fading words 'Women's Free Health Clinic of Somerset'

"God will punish you!" Was the last sound she heard from the protester as the door swung shut behind her.

"I wonder if Morgan worries if God will punish him for what he did." Jessica thought.

"Probably not..."

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