Podcast 52 on the Horizon

Earlier this week my co-hosts and I recorded our 40th episode and I've found that pretty damn impressive and thought I should share it with all my fellow Thinkers out there and give a few quick musings on my thoughts as we stare down the barrel of 52 episodes in just around three months from now.

In the last week of November of 2012, James and I recorded our first podcast. It wasn't perfect and I spent way too much time editing it than I probably should have, but in the end we had out very first show and it went out into the internet to be absorbed and responded to. A week later we recorded again... this time a little less editing... another week... and more recording and editing.

All of this continued on recording, having technical difficulties, editing, and uploading.

Before long we were into a general swing, but still didn't like some of the software we were using or the general format of the show. However, we still kept plugging away at it.

It wasn't until May that we really started to find what we wanted for the I Think, You Think podcast. Google+ hangouts was the perfect tool for recording, and Libsyn.com the perfect tool for hosting our podcasts. We began with a "Guest a week" cast in May and this is the month that our soon to be second co-host made her I Think, You Think debut. Sequoia added that perfect hippie balance that we had been lacking. :-p

In June, the three of us starting working on a new show format in which we would rotate between general topic areas based on the week of the month and culminate every few months that contained a 5th week with a special show we dubbed I Drink, You Drink. (We've had two of those total and are looking forward to our I Drink, You Drink Costume Party in October)

Over the last few months we've been experimenting with single topics for the first half of the show and talking about articles and other things that interest us for the second half. We break up the two of these shows with a short advertisement in which we mention the website Stravamax.com for its beautiful jewelry that are made by a wonderful young woman who also made our graphics that you see on our Facebook page, during the hangout, and even right here on the ChicagoNow blogs!

Now, we are taking another step forward and this is, hopefully, where you can come in.

I Think, You Think has always been about interactivity and as a forum for ideas. All of our upcoming podcast topics will be being posted on our Facebook page at least a week before hand for you to comment on and interact with others. These thoughts you offer will be discussed by us during the podcast, but the interaction doesn't end there. You can join us during the recording in our chat room or even as a guest if there's a particular topic you want to discuss!

When James and I began this podcast 40 episodes ago we always wanted to see it progress as a place where people could discuss any ideas and we are looking forward to this to continue through to our one year anniversary, our 52nd episode, and beyond.

I Think, You Think records weekly on various nights throughout the week, but tend to be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights. The podcast is normally posted one to two days afterward on our Libsyn page, but you can also get all the links on our Facebook page as well.

So, all in all, we are looking forward to the future and want to see you Thinkers are thinking, so join us for the future to 52 and beyond the horizon.

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