Catch up to the neck up!

Alright, I'll admit it. I don't always keep you Thinkers up to date her on ChicagoNow, but it's not that I don't care, it's more that I feel like this is one of the last places people go to find out about the show. (It's nothing personal.)

But I promise that I'll do better. In addition to that, I may start posting a bit more to clarify things said during the podcast that you bring up after the shows in emails and later comments. (Also, when my closest friends and family call me to talk about the show.)

However, that all being said, I am providing a few links which should direct you to both the YouTube videos of our recording as well as the podcast, audio only, format that saves you on bandwidth and downloading.

First up is Episode 32: Video and Podcast

In this episode we talked about the Westboro Baptist Church and did so with all sorts of awesomeness. Enjoy our ramblings on free speech and protesting.

In Episode 33: Video and Podcast

My son, Brenin, joins us to give a review of the video game, Don't Starve. We also talk generally about Pop Culture among which we discuss the Royal Baby!

Episode 34 (aka I Drink, You Drink Episode 2): Video and Podcast

This is a special edition I Think, You Think in which we get drunk along with everyone else in our chat room! (Mostly, I get drunk and make all sorts of silliness come to pass.

In our most recent episode: Video and Podcast (Link coming soon)

We talked about Strange Religious practices, and I flex my mental muscles in my religious background.

Thanks again for sticking with us, and keep in mind that you can always get the most recent updates on our podcast and videos on our Facebook group.

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