Sammie: The Bionic Superhero

There are people in this world that just make you so glad to have had a moment to interact with them. They’re zest, for life is humbling and leaves you smiling. I had the opportunity of meeting two such persons by the name of Sammie, a young lady who had a cochlear implant to help... Read more »

A Tribute to a Friend

I have a close friend of mine that I’ve known for over a decade. We met in college, played a piano duet, sang in choir together and, in probably one of the best “friend” things ever, drove me all the way from Judson University in the suburbs of Chicago to the border of Ohio and... Read more »

Unemployment and Falsehoods

There was something about what this image is claiming that didn’t sit right with me as I came upon it on my Facebook feed. (Perhaps it’s cause I’m a bleeding heart liberal socialist) So I figured I’d spend a bit of time looking up the Bureau of Labor Statistics Unemployment rates going back 40+ years.... Read more »

A Bird for Mother's Day

There they were, three baby birds barely a few feathers on their tiny bodies, two of them squished by a careless person who hadn’t noticed them upon the concrete and the other having died either from the fall or exposure. I picked up the two squished bodies with haste but paused on the other baby... Read more »

Potty Training: I give up.

Sometimes I really hate raising such strong willed, pig headed child. It’s a damn chore on a daily basis and I’m not even the one who has to deal with it on a daily basis, my saint of a wife does. Me? I’m only responsible during my days off and sometimes at night when my... Read more »

Mickey Rooney - From Vaudeville to Our Hearts

You’ve got to recognize, there will never be another you. It has nothing to do with ego; it happens to be the truth. There will never be another person the same. There’ll never be another you. There’ll never be another me . . . – Mickey Rooney Yesterday we lost an icon of film and... Read more »

Volunteer Day with Feed My Starving Children

I’ve never been the type of person to reach into my pocket and drop a handful of change into a waiting donation bucket, or pull out a checkbook (mostly cause I don’t own a checkbook) to write a check toward some particular cause. I prefer a more hands on approach. I prefer to volunteer rather... Read more »

Change is Overcome by a Good Captain (To my wife)

In six short months our lives will forever change and for more than a year afterward my family will be split and living on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean. My children and I remaining here while my wife (the Captain) travels nearly 4,000 miles to pursue a long sought after degree from a prestigious... Read more »

Cosmos: Does Neil DeGrasse Tyson Carry the Torch?

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil DeGrasse Tyson debuted on March 9th on Fox and was exactly what I was afraid of. This series, with its visuals, its writing and its host is exactly what I expected from this series. It opened with Carl Sagan’s words, in his own voice, included the dandelion seed and... Read more »

Rethinking Miscarriage

“Such disservice is done to those who miscarry.  The world acts as if it expects the baby will live. Until the baby dies. And then…’the baby’ never was. Replaced instead by such an ugly word: Miscarried.” – Lori, Still Standing Magazine – ( I want to be perfectly honest with you. The first time I read... Read more »