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Matt Lamb: He created peace with a paintbrush

“Art is the universal language, and it can change the world”. ┬áThis belief statement is the foundation of Matt Lamb’s state of mind, whereby spirituality enabled┬áhim to accomplish his artwork and influence the hopes and dreams of others …. Following in the footsteps of his father, Matt Lamb prospered as an undertaker; yet he did... Read more »

Flamboyant Artist Brings Masterpieces to The River East Art Center in Chicago

Matt Lamb, an internationally recognized artist in generous collaboration with Mr. Juan Javier Bofill presented to the city of Chicago, The Museum of Private Collections featuring the Work of Dali and Lamb. Over 600 pieces by famed Spanish artist Salvador Dali and paintings, sculptures, and tapestries by contemporary Irish-American artist Matt Lamb were on view. ... Read more »