Hollywood Visits Chicago

Chicago International Film Festival founder Michael Kutza and producer Tom Rosenburg had a lot to be proud of as the 48th annual Chicago International Fest kicked off last Thursday with Al Pacino in the spotlight (on the red carpet) outside the Harris Theatre to promote the new film "Stand Up Guys."

Thrilling, exciting, and glamorous are three words I would use to describe the ambience and atmosphere surrounding the release of this new action comedy.

Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin star as former gangsters who reunite after Pacino is released after being in jail for 28 years and old friendships and stories are rekindled. Yet, despite their age and the passage of time, this group's ability for mischief and mayhem is put back in motion on one particular night ....

Movie fans of all ages who turned out in large numbers for this event certainly got a bang for their buck as these three talented personalities entertained us for an hour and a half .... Significant attendees spotted in this star- studded crowd included Stand Up Guys director Fisher Stevens, actress Addison Timlin, and Bon Jovi.

It was especially interesting to see the expression on their faces as the plot unfolded and I sat behind Pacino and his girlfriend, Christopher Walken, and Bon Jovi, watching the movie they were all in.

"When I think of Chicago, the first thing I think of is theater, David Mamet, and how great a theater town Chicago is" Pacino asserted.

Alan Arkin clarified, "This was the beginning, thanks to Second City." Director Fisher Stevens has been a long time friend and resident of Chicago, and our hard working city is very proud of him and the release of this movie ....

Congratulations to founder Michael Kutza and producer Tom Rosenburg for a spectacular opening night !!


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